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Early childhood education is an invaluable investment in your child's future. Unfortunately, the cost of care can be expensive. Fortunately, there are tuition assistance options available to help make quality preschool education more accessible and affordable.


Contact us today to learn more about our tuition assistance options.


Fee Assistance / Respite

Child Care Aware® of America is proud to partner with the United States Military and Department of Defense to serve and support their families through the Fee Assistance and Respite Child Care Programs. To date we have served more than 10 million families and have created a network of more than 10,000 licensed child care providers.

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On My Way PreK

We want to inform Hoosier parents like you about On My Way Pre-K, a program administered through the Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning under the direction of the Family and Social Services Administration.


On My Way Pre-K provides grants for 4-year-olds from lower-income families, so they may have access to high-quality pre-k programs the year before they begin kindergarten.

We can help your 4-year-old be better prepared to make new friends, play, discover, learn, be curious and ready for kindergarten. Our education includes social skills, number recognition, counting, alphabet recall, motor skills and more.


All while saving parents and guardians time and money, allowing you to better pursue more education, career opportunities and other life goals.

To apply, go to and fill out our easy-to-use online application.


We want to help prepare your child for an exciting, successful educational journey. Apply today!

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Reading Together

Child Care Assistance

The Child Care and Development Fund is a federal program that helps low-income families obtain child care so that they may work, attend training or continue their education. The purpose of CCDF is to increase the availability, affordability and quality of child care.

The CCDF program is administered through the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration in the Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning. The CCDF state plan outlines state and local level parameters and includes program outcomes, systems development and eligibility requirements.

Click here to Apply for Childcare Assistance.

Click here for the contact information of the agency that can assist you with your application or answering questions you may have regarding child care assistance. 

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