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For our currently enrolled families...

Happy Family

Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook provides families with important information regarding our policies, procedures, and student expectations. It outlines our code of conduct, our policies regarding student safety, and our commitment to creating a positive learning environment. Additionally, it outlines expectations for children and families, including behavior, attendance, and learning goals. We believe that when parents and educators work together, we can create the best environment for our students to thrive. Please take a few moments to read through our Parent Handbook and familiarize yourself with our policies.

Happy Family
Cute Siblings

Calendar 2023

Our program calendar is designed to keep parents informed of important dates in the school year, such as holidays, and program closures. We also include special events like family open houses, center events, and parent-teacher conferences. Our calendar is updated regularly, so be sure to check it often for the most up-to-date information. We also post any unexpected closures and program changes due to inclement weather. We strive to ensure that all families have the information they need to plan accordingly and make the most of the school year.

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